2011. október 12., szerda


Which one do you like?

1. Alejandro Ingelmo

2. Alexander Birman

3. Altuzara

4. Aperlai

5. Bally

6. Phillip Lim

6 megjegyzés:

janettaylor írta...

Altuzara! :)

Nixie Pyrena írta...

to be honest i like all of em, but if i have to choose, ill choose Altuzara :D

The Endless Wishlist

adele írta...

It has to be the gold wedge boots for me - gorgeous!!

Nat írta...

the first - they are so beautiful :)

Femme Virtue írta...

loving the gold and bally ones! so gorgeous!

PureMorning írta...

I like this first shoes :))

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